Our History

Kétolat produit des produits chocolatés sans sucre et biologique en toute authenticité.

Kétolat, a family story

Kétolat was founded in 2019 by Veronick and Danny, a couple who developed complementary skills to make it possible to offer healthy chocolate and guilt-free moments of pleasure.

Chocolat Kéto/ Fleur se sel

Throughout my life, I have worked in a field that needed to improve people's lifestyle with great effort and without ever achieving the desired results. I realized that I no longer believed in what I had set out to do because all the effort I put in was simply not rewarded with a sense of pride or small rewarding gestures.

I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2018, which led me to change certain lifestyle habits, including my diet. Decreasing my sugar intake and increasing good fats has allowed me to achieve a very good balance in my life.

I understood at that very moment that my love for cooking, my creativity and my passion could combine to finally give some pleasure to people while offering a healthy diet. I must admit that this plan was just a name, but we would never trade that day when it all began.

Kétolat gradually became an identity that lived on through us.

Danny was always renovating the house so that we could keep up. He was able to spend hours on his feet after a very long workday in order to find the best possible deals with suppliers. As for me, I was always trying to make demand available without forgetting product development. We were short of time between Kétolat's strong growth and the maintenance of our respective positions in the company. Emrick, my son, decided to join us in order to make our chocolate bars made here, sugar-free and vegan, available everywhere in Quebec.

Barely 2 years later, we realize that our roles have allowed us to achieve each of our goals one chocolate bar at a time. I tend to believe that everything we have done so far would not have been possible without one of the three of us. Our common desire to spread a moment and an emotion of pleasure in the eyes of our customers reinforces our efforts and our ambitions for the future of Kétolat.

Our mission will always be to help you continue your healthy eating habits by offering you chocolate products to enjoy in a moment of guilt-free pleasure.