Our Story

Kétolat, a family story

was founded in 2019 by Véronick and Danny, a couple who developed complementary skills in order to make it possible to offer healthy chocolate and moments of guilt-free pleasure.

Throughout my life, I have worked in an industry that required me to improve the lifestyles of others with a lot of effort, but rarely getting the desired results. I realized that I did not believe in what I had once started, since all the effort I gave was never rewarded by a sense of pride, or any moments of satisfaction.  

I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2018 which led me to change certain lifestyle habits, including my diet. The decrease in my sugar consumption and the increase in healthy fats allowed me to maximize the balance in my life. I understood at this precise moment that my love for cooking, my creativity and my passion could be combined to give pleasure to people while providing healthy food. I have to admit that my plan was just a crazy idea, but we would never trade that day when it all started.

Kétolat slowly became its own
that came alive through us

Danny made renovations to our house so we could keep up with business growth. He spent hours on his feet after long workdays in order to get the best deals with suppliers. As for me, I always tried to make supply meet demand, without neglecting product development. We had no time, between the strong growth of Kétolat and the maintenance of our respective positions in the company to keep things running.

Emrick, my son, decided to join us in getting our vegan, sugar-free, organic and locally-made chocolate products made accessible to everyone. He now is a crucial element in the development of the brand. Barely 2 years later, we find that our roles have allowed us to achieve each of our goals one chocolate bar at a time.

I tend to believe that everything we have done so far would not have been possible without the three of us working together. Our common desire to share a moment and a feeling of pleasure in the eyes of our customers reinforces our efforts and our ambitions for the future of Kétolat.

Our mission will always be ...

to help you continue your healthy eating habits by offering you chocolate products to savor in a moment of guilt-free pleasure.

We at Kétolat sincerely believe that the path to healthy eating should not be synonymous with obstacle or failure. We are surrounded by foods that can keep us healthy and even meet our need for pleasure without that feeling of guilt.

Ketolat is a way to allow you to continue living a healthy lifestyle with a touch of sweetness. The choice of our ingredients defines our desire to share quality products with you let you know that chocolate that is good for you can be excellent without necessarily containing products that you do not need.

Thank you for encouraging us through our learning and for entering the adventure with us. We believe that together, we can make a difference in the lives of many. It is our turn to share our knowledge with others.

Véronick, Danny & Emrick

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