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Double Chocolate Keto Ice Cream Bar

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Paletas Ice Cream Bar "Double chocolate."

Végétalien/VéganeBarre glacée sans sucre ajoutéSans glutenFabriqué au Québec

Description :

We like to offer a certain diversity without missing out on a well-known classic. Another one of our succulent freshness available only in store that will be able to satisfy your daily craving for sugar without even bringing you the harmful effects on your body.

An innovation in the field of healthy eating...

We want to make accessible what is not accessible and we can say that this has been done. Double Chocolate Paletas are made from healthy and natural ingredients without any trace of sugar. Our recipe is 100% organic and vegan. A delight to eat before the rest of the family discovers this marvel in the house.


Chocolate Base : Coconut Cream*, Almond Milk*, Erythritol*, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder*, Chocolate Kétolat*, Glycerin*, Natural Vanilla Flavouring*, Guar Gum*. Coating : Dark Chocolate Kétolat (Coconut Oil*, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder*, Erythritol*, Cocoa Butter*, Cocoa Paste*, Natural Vanilla Flavouring*).

*Organic Ingredients

Authenticity - Respect - Excellence - Creative Passion

Customer Reviews

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Marie-Claude Boudreault
Le summun

Un goût pur de chocolat noir, pour ceux qui rafolent d'un goût pas trop sucré c'est un incontournable! Encore meilleur en le laissant un peu température pièce avant de le manger.

Merci encore Marie-Claude

Nous sommes très heureux de vous lire ☺️